A Lesson in Relationships: Brunch, Tapas Style


IMG_2285The following comes to mind when I imagine Tapas: a pleasant gustatory experience if you’re in the mood, atypical flavors and maybe the most exciting quintuplet of green beans you’ll ever see. But by the time you’ve consumed those and a few raw shrimp you’re ready for your entree. Sorry my dear, you’re not in Kansas anymore – instead, you get the check. And if you’re at all full, it’s hefty.

Now let’s discuss our feelings on brunch in the ol’ US of A: the exact opposite. The cheesy eggs and hash browns, the sausage, the french toast, the options that allow you to order everything previously mentioned on the same plate (who initiated that, really?) Filling indeed, but I’m not sure about pleasant.

So what does Tres Gatos, 470 Centre St, Jamaica Plain go and do?


This. Eggs Benedict with smoked duck breast. $14

It’s genius. They’ve created a model marriage of tapas and brunch. It’s the satisfying brunch dishes you’d expect, like Eggs Benedict with plenty of yummy Hollandaise (homemade!), served Tapas style. You get your cholesterol and your carbs (you know you wouldn’t be satisfied if you didn’t when you head out for brunch these days) but in small portions! Not too small though, you get exactly what’s advertised and there is neither half a potato farm on your plate or full loaf’s worth of toast on the side to distract you or your stomach. True to the brunch, true to the tapas, they function on their own yet together they each highlight the other’s best qualities, arriving at the perfect balance.

IMG_2274The dishes are also made more interesting with Spanish twists. Hello Patatas Bravas, with salsa and garlic aioli. $7.

My brother had the Shank and Eggs $13, and my dad the Tortilla Espanola $8 pictured at the top with the Chorizo $5.  These dishes even extracted emotion from my usually unfazed by food family.

Not to mention it feels like you’re eating in your own living room/kitchen only not really because it’s much more stylish and chic than anything you could create on your own. It’s attached to a small book and music store, and its website offers advice on current popular books and albums, so it remains true to its dynamic JP roots too.

IMG_2287 IMG_2290

Voted a Best Tapas Bar in Boston by CBS Boston, Urban Spoon, Yelp and probably more, this place was onto something before but here they’ve topped it.  So with Valentine’s Day around the corner ask yourself, are you the tapas or the brunch? Do you compliment your significant other in the way he or she deserves? If so, kudos. If not, you know what you have to do. Save up a little cash and pay these cats a visit.

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    Isara: thanks for visiting Tres Gatos and checking out our brunch. We put a lot of thought into that menu before giving it a go, so we appreciate your noticing the details. Hope to see you again soon. dd