Yum: Boston Brunchers at The Blue Room


Last Sunday I got to have a taste, pun intended, of the life of a foodie celebrity, and it tasted good.  I dined for free with the Boston Brunchers, a group of local food writers, bloggers, photographers, and obsessors.  A lovely, welcoming staff hosted us at The Blue Room in Kendall Square.  The Blue Room is an eclectic eatery that’s wildly popular because of its balance between casual, inviting atmosphere and less casual, higher end dishes.  Our group was lucky enough to try their brunch buffet, named best brunch by Boston Magazine.  It’s available Sundays at $27 per person from 11 am to 2:30.


Upon arrival, the bartenders provided us with a warm and fizzy welcome: specially prepared Gin Fizzes, complete with egg whites, a signature ingredient of craft coctails.

We slowly made our way to our table, beginning to drool over the table of desserts close by.  As we sat we spied the plethora of breakfast and lunch items arranged by the kitchen.  There was no shortage of options.  The buffet began with typical breakfast such as pancakes and eggs, and transitioned to salads, soups, and plenty of veggies and meat. IMG_2593
The highlights from what I sampled were the housemade sausage and the beef brisket.  Both extremely flavorful, respectfully juicy and tender.  The scrambled eggs with creme fraiche were tasty, I mixed them with the cannelloni beans and butternut squash.  The patatas bravas were a delightful substitution for hash browns.  And Iggy’s cranberry pecan rolls are always delicious.

I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed.  You can create any concoction that would pop into your head with the promise of a buffet: eggs and bacon, or salmon and greens with spicy tomato soup.  Or perhaps a first course of breakfast and second of lunch?  My only small qualm is that with a buffet you occasionally arrive at the empty dish or one item left that’s now cold.  I just so happened to make my way through right before a refill.  Still, the rest was delicious and ingredients clearly fresh.

IMG_2589As some Brunchers finished their first plates and headed back for round two, I hightailed it to the pastry table.  Somehow The Blue Room figured out the quickest and most efficient way to my heart: bottomless dessert.  I tried to pretend I was normal by only filling one plate with the scrumptious options, but had I been there without people I just met… things would have gone differently.

IMG_2588The first thing I went for was reminiscent of pecan pie, minus pecans and plus hazelnuts.  I swear I’d met this before in a dream.  Next came flourless chocolate cake pieces, mini cinnamon apple muffins, chocolate chip cookies (these were top notch), cinnamon buns, coconut macarons, and more.
IMG_2604 Just, pick, four, Isara you can do it. This is what my plate looked like.  Needless to say, I was the happiest of campers forever doomed by the sweet tooth.
As if to thank us for eating his wonderful food for free, Chef Grant proudly brought out a black currant pain perdu prepared specially for us. This was the best chocolate-less creation I think I’ve ever had. A cocktail to start, endless buffet, and dessert after dessert?  To the Boston Brunchers and Blue Room, I think I love you. IMG_2616

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