The Weekly [not so] Skinny: Dark & Stormy at JM Curley

IMG_2917I’ve concluded that I eat too much.  I’ve also concluded I’m smart because I found a way to justify all I eat, hint: what you’re reading.  This eating, or ‘research’ as I call it, has provided me with too many valuable food secrets to place in back of the line waiting for a highlight in the weekly post.

Each Thursday you’ll now find the best item I tried the past week.  Maybe it’s the best because it’s new to me, new to the city, it’s trendy and I’m trying to fit in, or flat out the best of its kind.

This Dark & Stormy fits all those categories.  JM Curly is seriously in the spotlight right now because of its burger that’s a Best of Boston contender, and its upscale bar food and feel that offer a hip livelihood back to the Downtown Crossing area.  This is a cocktail that can go terribly wrong without the right ingredients and proportions but JM Curley did it terribly right.  The ginger was fierce.  The rum was sweet.  The lime was… photogenic.   The best one I’ve had in Boston and, I can accurately say, ever.

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    I am a bit ashamed to say I have never been to JM Curley but will most definitely be popping in for a burger at the very least! Great review :)