The Weekly [not so] Skinny: Fried Oysters at Trade

IMG_2935Trade‘s title fits it perfectly.  Everything about this place works.  From its hip, basically oceanside location at 540 Atlantic Ave to its funky open studio feel inside, its atmosphere creates your experience.

So does its food.  Its plates are an eclectic collection of dishes from all over the globe, items and tastes that inspired Chef Jody Adams on her many travels.  As Jody’s second, newer, restaurant in Boston, Trade is definitely Rialto‘s stylish, more easily approachable younger sibling.   When I went, we made a party of the small plates and I recommend you do the same.  They offer something for everyone and just about every flavor imaginable.

The Fried Oysters ($12) were my favorite, served atop a buckwheat waffle with spicy maple cream.  I don’t know where else you’ll find something like this.  And no this does not count as dessert, I haven’t gone back on my word yet.

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