The Weekly [not so] Skinny: Bacon & Egg Sandwich at Tatte Fine Cookies & Cakes

photo (16)

Hi, are your eyeballs working?

Is what I want to ask everyone walking into Tatte that doesn’t buy one of their amazingly unique-looking sweet creations.  photo (16)The Poached Pear Tart, for example, is reminiscent of pears sitting in a hot tub of pastry crust.  It’s like a museum of dessert… Everything at Tatte appears held to it’s own level of perfection, due to founder Tzurit Or’s passion for just that: mastering all pastry.  If you feel like being inspired, or just drooling, take a look at her gorgeous blog.

Alas, in my effort to offer more than solely sugar related news I present to you the Bacon & Egg Sandwich.  It’s everything you could ever ask for in a breakfast sandwich.  It was as if hours were spent on each component to get it to play its part just right.  At $8, it’s slightly hard to justify it for a quick breakfast choice before work with the overwhelming number of other options in Kendall Square at a 5th of the price.  But you must try it at least once.  And then I promise you you’ll be back for something else.


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