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Ooh la la, Vee Vee!

It’s possibile this might not be the right job for someone like me. As it’s turning out, I love everything I eat. Who knew? The term ‘Food Critic’ doesn’t really apply yet – I’m not very good at judging what’s on my plate beyond the scale of ‘Oh my god,’ ‘Amazing,’ and ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever had.’ So I’ve identified two steps in the attempt of becoming a more critical critic. Step 1) Get a real photographer’s camera and stop taking pictures on my iPhone. Check. (Enjoy them!) Step 2) Be judgmental and stop loving everything I eat. No check.  So, I may be a few years (decades?) away from a NY Times food writer level, but I’m working on it. That being said, allow me to gush over another place in which I struggled to find any faults…

10 reasons Vee Vee {763 Centre St. Jamaica Plain} should be your favorite restaurant in Boston:

1.  It’s on par every time.


Stuffed tomato and pepper, with mushrooms & arborio rice. Peruvian lima bean salad, salsa verde. $17

My family and I have been here a few times now and with each visit we’re just as equally amazed by the new dishes we try as the last.

2.  The dishes and their ingredients are fabulously unique.


Sardinian cous cous, broccoli rabe, mushroom bolognese, grana padano cheese. $19

Each dish we order tastes so fresh, these ones in particular reminding us of the Summer months ahead. It’s like there should be farmland outside the window instead of a busy city street.

3.  The menu – its size, options and pricing – is just right. 


Coulotte steak, over easy egg atop potatoes, blue cheese, with hollandaise sauce. $28

The prices are amazing for the quality of the food. I’ve paid a lot more at restaurants rumored to be culinary genius and left simply satisfied. Vee Vee always blows me away. The portions are big enough to fill you. It’s a changing menu based on farm fresh ingredients, and with about 6 main dishes at a time the chef manages to get something for everyone on there.

4.  Ambiance.


Muscadet, Domaine de la Quilla, 2011

It’s tiny and intimate. The space creates a mood that allows it to become whatever you want: it can feel romantic, young and hip, or perfectly comforting for a family reuniting over good conversation and better food.. tehe.

5.  It’s relatively undiscovered considering its talent.


Seared scallops, bulgur, hot house tomato, english peas, greens, herb pistou. $24

The locals have figured it out, as there’s a wait for a table at the right time, but I’m genuinely perturbed as to why it’s not more talked about throughout the city. Since opening in 2008 it hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight, but it fits the criteria of the hottest restaurants right now.  Hey Eater – Read this!

6. It’s bar offers great local beers and a rotating draught list.

And it looks like this.

7.  Vee Vee’s ex chef Seth Morrison worked here before co-founding The Gallows, a newer gastropub in the South End. The Gallows is greatly successful, and for good reason. I’ve dined at both, however, and judging on food alone I was more impressed by Vee Vee. Therefore, this is valid:

8.  It’s

9. Absolutely

10. Perfect.

Vee Vee on Urbanspoon

Vee Vee on Foodio54

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