For the Love of Brunch

Brookline, MA

A recent study regarding mammalian eating habits reveals that a major difference between the diets of humans and other mammals is our dependence on leisurely weekend brunches.


But seriously, people are obsessed with brunch. Maybe it’s because indulging first thing in the morning is a nice alternative to how you usually start your day. Maybe doing so is liberating, and makes you feel like you know how to have fun and appreciate life. Maybe this is severe overanalysis, but I would safely conclude that people seem happier over brunch.

A few weekends ago, I was lucky enough to dine for a second time with the Boston Brunchers. The members of this group enjoy brunch because they use it as a means to meet new people, while bonding over and encouraging each other’s similar interests. This time we gathered at The Fireplace, 1634 Beacon St, Brookline. It turned out the perfect place for a study on brunch loving.

It’s possible people love brunch because it provides a wide variety of options that cater to different morning styles.  This was definitely the case at The Fireplace. Its menu offered a long list of tasty sounding salads, so the healthy conscious could be satisfied..


Beet & Orange Salad, Boston lettuce, fresh beets and oranges, parsnip chips, toasted walnuts, Brebis Blanche sheeps’ milk cheese, citrus vinaigrette. $13

We picked two salads to share to start with: one with Duck Confit, and this one (the winner). It was possibly my favorite dish because I wasn’t expecting much, but it was rich, flavorful, and quite the satisfying dish of lettuce.

On the other hand, those who rely on comfort in the morning can indulge all they want and it’s completely acceptable.

Crispy Cornmeal Waffle, pumpkin butter, berry compote, whipped cream and Hog Island (VT) Maple Syrup. $14

This waffle was great. You could taste the cornmeal batter which made it a little less stuffing and a little more guilt-free.


Challah French Toast, sautéed pears, cinnamon, rum raisin sauce. $14

This French Toast, au contraire, was extremely rich. Although tasty, one bite was enough.

Let’s not forget the appreciators of classics, whose morning is not a morning without eggs and toast. The Fireplace offered many options for these eaters as well, some with unique twists like Lobster Eggs Bennedict and, the dish I chose, the Crispy Duck Hash.

Crispy Duck Hash, fried eggs, toast. $16

I’m pretty sure you never wind up eating brunch with people you don’t like, and that’s one of my favorite reasons to love it. Whether it’s a form of relaxation, rewarding yourself, meeting new friends, or taking time to connect with old ones, brunch is a trend that’s here in our mammalian lifestyle to stay.

And if you’re looking for a place to celebrate the morning, The Fireplace is a superb place to start. It was a little pricy, but I was really impressed by the food and would definitely go back, soon. I always appreciate a place I think different groups of people I know would like, and this is one.

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As part of my involvement with The Boston Brunchers this meal was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.



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