Sweets (and more) from the Middle East



Sofra, 1 Belmont St Cambridge, is different.  It serves Middle Eastern fare in cafe style, creates amazingly tasty and unique pastries made in house, and offers fresh cheeses, spreads and jams, and other food items to take home.  You can stop in to buy ingredients to spice up your dinner, for a sweet and caffeinated afternoon pickup, or for an amazing taste of Middle Eastern tahini, shwarma, pickled cabbage, and falafel.  It’s also the second baby of Oleana‘s famed owners and chefs, so you can enjoy similarly wonderful creations from the same chef, but cheaper and more casually.


The first time I discovered Sofra I went with my mom to meet her group of mom friends who meet here monthly.  I was skeptical because of its location and that I’d never heard of it but, boy, was I in for a surprise.  Upon entering you’re struck by the warmth of the colors and smell. It’s a cozy and inviting corner spot offering, almost, to wrap a warm, foreign blanket around you.  I would recommend everything I’ve tried, and have so much more to try myself.


The Spinach, 3 Cheese & Herb Stuffed Flatbread $8 is my favorite thing. It was warm and gooey and flavorful and just the right size. That’s about how I’d describe the Earthquake cookie too. This thing is serious. It’s a soft dark chocolate brownie type thing that I quite literally gasp at when my mom pulls them out of her sleeve at home. All of their pastries are so delicately prepared, and different than your average bakery offerings. My mom’s love is the meyer lemon tart, and we went over mine.


The Lamb Shwarma, with pickled cabbage, tahini and yogurt is pictured above.  It was slightly less mind blowing than the flatbread but still tasty.  And the Mocha next to it was wonderful as well. There are so many more treasures I need to go back and try, namely the chocolate hazlenut baklavah and everything from their delicious looking Mezze bar…


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