Weekly [Not So] Skinny: Chickpea Fritter got you Feeling Lucky?


Is it a food truck?  Is it a vegetarian food ‘lab’?  Is it a weed?  Clover, with locations in Harvard Square, Inman Square, and on wheels, is all of the above – with the exception of a plant.  The motto of Clover Food Lab, as they title themselves, is ‘Everything will be different tomorrow.’ Profound, no?


In food scientists terms, this means that at Clover they work with what ingredients are fresh that day.  They don’t have a freezer in any of their buildings.  That’s pretty cool.  In fact, they proudly advertise as fast food, mostly because they’re attempting to reinvent the name and make healthy a possibility.  They make everything right in front of you, beginning right after you order.  There is no ‘Back of the House’ where scary artificial and processed food monsters hide.  That means they’re showing the customers exactly what they’re giving them.  Again, pretty cool.  In addition to a healthy fast food movement, they fight for healthy vegetarian fast food.  And with locations in the works for Brookline Village, the Burlington Mall, and Newbury Street, it looks like it’s working.

Oh, and their Chickpea Fritter Sandwich ($6) is epic.  It tastes like you’re eating a garden, in the greatest way possible.  It’s not luck here. It’s talent and, a theme among other successful eateries, passion.

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