The Weekly [not so] Skinny: Happy Sol Brew at Meadhall



Summer has arrived and with Boston’s bipolar heat waves comes the promise of easier days and, most importantly, better beer.  Gone are Winter’s hoppy IPAs and triumphant is the fruit, the wheat and, let’s not forget, the shandy.  So, three important things to be aware of in the coming months:

(1) Happy Sol.  A beer made by (2) Slumbrew, one of Somerville’s very own baller craft breweries that uses only local ingredients to recreate world class masterpieces.  This one called for the tastebud dance.  It’s a Hefeweizen, a German wheat beer.  Ahem, the best.  Slumbrew makes this with local MA honey, orange peel, coriander, fermented with the juice from over 1,000 blood oranges.  There’s even a little bit of hoppiness at the end that’s by no means overwhelming.

(3) Meadhall.  4 Cambridge Center, Kendall Square.  A fabulous place to educate yourself about beer.   One of the perks of entering the ‘real world’ post college has been discovering its selection of craft beers (and realizing you never again have to drink bud light against your will).  I’ve learned a lot about the ways yeast and hops come together, and sitting at a bar where the beer menu is a full page long, or it’s actually a bound book in Bukowski Tavern’s case, is the way to do it.  As for Meadhall, the bar is the centerpiece of the first floor, and filled with draughts the whole way around.  Their selections are unique and prices not too bad.  It’s a newer, young professional version of places like Bukowski’s and more, but it works.  These beers make it hard to go wrong.

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