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The Weekly [not so] Skinny: French Onion Soup at Petit Robert Central

French Onion Soup is pretty random. Am I right? As an appetizer it’s filling, not to mention it’s filling you with bread and cheese while advertising itself as a dish that won’t conquer your stomach before your second course. And you certainly can’t eat it on a date for fear of propelling the other backwards with your breath, or decorating your chin with the strands of cheese that managed to escape your mouth.
Petit Robert-7536

So is there a good time to eat it?   Indeed, my friends, on weekday nights between 5 and 7 pm at a tasty French restaurant in Downtown Crossing.  (Well, I can find a good time to eat anything).  Petit Robert Central, 101 Arch St, offers a $5 Dollar After Work Rendezvous Menu that gives this lovely yet misunderstood dish a home.  I don’t see a better way to sample the otherwise pricy but authentic fare. We also tried the Shrimp Cocktail $14 and the Pistachio Crusted Salmon $21 off the dinner menu. Both were satisfying but, at those prices, if I return it’ll be to Rendezvous. And by that menu I mean I’ll be back for the soup. That’s Soup a’ l’Onion Gratineé to you.

Petit Robert Central on Urbanspoon

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