The Weekly [not so] Skinny: Bacon & Avocado at Main Street Market

The sandwiches from Main Street Market & Cafe in Concord are serious.


Like this. Could you say no to that? If the answer is yes you are stronger than I. Meet the Avocado BLT ($9.50) of this bustling lunch stop in Concord Center. In addition to what you see, Chipotle Mayonnaise is hiding deep in its crevices… Yup, this place nailed the art of the sandwich. Other options include a Pineapple Chicken Curry Wrap, Crab Cake Flatbread Panini, and Turkey Cranberry Wrap, and I can speak for each when I say they are spectacular. Although on the pricier side, the sandwiches are served with Cape Cod chips which are probably the best invention ever. You can grab a meal to go from the counter offering other sweets and goodies, or stay a while in the dining room. Family owned, this place uses produce from their own farm and hosts live music more days of the week than not. Yes, it’s out in Concord, but it’s a stop worth visiting if you’re west of 95 and happen to need a remodel of the sandwich ideal you have in your head.

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