Go Nuts: Union Square Donuts

Here is your perfect Somerville breakfast: coffee from Block 11 Cafe and a donut, or two, from right across the street at Union Square Donuts. Here is your perfect Somerville lunch: any of Union Square’s delicious restaurants and a donut, or three, from Union Square Donuts for dessert. As for your perfect Somerville dinner: Union Square Donuts closes around 3pm, if you’re lucky they haven’t sold out by then, so your chances for perfection will be lessened at this time.


Are you picking up what I’m putting down?


Hibiscus Rose (front) $3.

If you’re smart enough to situate yourself among this small yet fantastic group of donut makers and appreciators, hopefully you’ll be picking up something that has been dipped in maple glaze and topped with bacon bits. That kinda looks something like… this.

Maple Bacon, $3.50.

Maple Bacon, $3.50.

Union Square Donuts is the next big thing, if ‘next’ has already arrived. Recently the recipients of the Best Donut title by Improper Bostonian’s Best of Boston 2013 issue, its creators are food and local business enthusiasts that began small and have been since making their ascent to the top of the local food chain. They began selling their donuts at farmers markets and because of high – no, outrageous – demand, have now made Tango Coffee, 16 Bow st. in Union Square their home. Everything is home made fresh in the morning and they sell until they’re out, which happens pretty much every day.


Hazelnut Brown Butter (front) $3.

Flavor Guide Ranking:
1. Brown Butter Hazlenut
2. Chocolate Chipotle
3. Orange Ginger Cream
4. Maple Bacon
5. Vanilla
6. Honey Almond
7. Hibiscus Rose
8. Salted Bourbon Caramel

Still have yet to try Orange Creamsicle and a few other daily concoctions but yes, I’ve tried all of those. It’s fine.

They use yeast-based dough, opposed to cake-based, so their babies are fluffier and not unpleasantly dense. Although with the sugary clothing they wear I bet that you won’t finish the three you ordered initially because your eyes couldn’t help themselves. If you aren’t satisfied enough, the day (well, one of them) my roommate and I were there having our perfect Somerville breakfast, they were testing out their next big idea.

Dun dun dun… Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches. With locally made Toscanini’s ice cream, another ‘Boston’s Best.’


Coconut ice cream, Caramel, Chocolate Chipotle Donut

Do I need to explain what this tasted like? I think I’ll leave it to your imagination.

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