Weekly [not so] Skinny: Striped Bass Escabeche at Puritan & Co.


Puritan & Company 1166 Cambridge St. has been in the spotlight ever since it opened in cozy Inman Square in November of last year. That means after initial attention for being the new kid on the block, it earned lasting attention for being really freakin’ good.


Striped Bass Escabeche, Cucumber, Dill $14.

Offering another locally sourced New-American menu, Puritan & Co. is unique because of its focus on New England fare. Even so, some of the menu items seemed foreign to me. We attacked it by ordering a variety of the starters and plates for the table, which were very tasty, but on the pricier side for the amount of food. My favorite was actually the Chicken Fried Quail. It was perfectly crispy and juicy and also, quail. What a treat. We also tried the Gourges, which are rolls of baked creme fraiche, and Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese.

The Escabeche, however, was something I had never seen before. This dish gains Puritan & Co. bonus points because it highlights Chef Gilson’s ability to create dishes with foreign influence that still feature New England ingredients as their star. Here is an originally Mediterranean dish, usually a fish marinated in an acidic concoction, prepared with native Striped Bass. Of all th Summer’s preparations of this fish I’ve seen, this one was different and well worth every penny for the experience.

The ambiance requires a shout out as well. Casual yet classy, and modern yet, well – puritan.

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