The Weekly [not so] Skinny: Meze at Oleana

Oleana | Cambridge, MA

I ate a lot at Oleana. Let’s see… anyone surprised? We sat outside in the back patio, festive and far away from the street it was very pleasant. The only unpleasant part of the experience was the size of the bill at the end of the meal. For the portion sizes of the Meze, the small plates to share, it’s pretty pricey. You pay an arm and a leg for one potent, fantastic mouthful of foreign spice that sends a salty breeze of Mediterranean Sea air through your hair, but as you reach for more you realize everyone else has finished off the dish. And your savings is gone as well.


Vermont Quail Kebob – Baharat Spice, Barberries & Pistachio $13.

Pictured is the quail kebob, which was served atop sticky rice and with barberries, which are similar to dried cranberries, and pistachio. I enjoyed the dish because it was different, but I preferred some of the other dishes that offered more character. The Lamb meatballs, served with yogurt broth, corn, pine nuts, apricot and tomatoes, were amazing. The falafel with cucumber and lime was everything I had hoped for. Chef Ana Sortun definitely has Mediterranean magic up her sleeve. After all, she was awarded Best Chef of the Northeast in 2005 by the James Beard Foundation, so she can price her food as high as she wants. I would definitely return, but next time I’m going alone so I have all the magical little tastes to myself.

134 Hampshire St, Cambridge

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