Love and Mediocrity and Bergamot

Bergamot | Somerville, MA

After receiving a deluge of honors during the Summer’s round of ‘Best’s from Boston foodie-savvy magazines, Bergamot was high on my To-Try list.  Finally there, however, I met some things I loved, some things that were sub striking, and others that fell somewhere in between. This is the story of those acquaintances.


Loved: Three course meal for $39.
Bergamot offers a first course, entree, and dessert for $39. Best of all is that the choices aren’t limited, you have the entire dinner menu at your finger tips. And you receive the full portion of each dish. Don’t worry, we confirmed this. With entrees priced between $20 and $30, this is a deal of epic proportions.  It’s great when a well-to-do place makes its food more accessible to its guests.

Don’t need to see again: The atmosphere.
We arrived early but remained long into the night watching the scene change around us, as if all we consumed had sunk through our bodies and glued us to our seats. Add wine to a three course meal and just see when you get up.  Though the place filled up eventually, it became full with an older, family lovin’ crowd, everyone from grandparents to newborns included.  The white tablecloths somehow stuck out apart from the rest of the room, with no vibrancy or character to overcome their sharpness.


Pan-Seared Hake; Swiss chard Gnocchi, roasted cherry tomatoes, golden raisins, pine nuts $27

Loved: The Entrees.
These met my expectations. I had the Pan-Seared Hake and it was fantastic. Its many flavors and ingredients worked together to create a possibly the most interesting piece of fish I’ve had. The Gnocchi was great as well, and the pine nuts and raisins were a welcome kick to the pallet. I’m guessing because of the restaurant’s name – after the Bergamot flower – there were tiny white blossoms sprinkles over this dish. What a beauty. The Bluefish was also delicious with its corn and white wine clam sauce.  I’d go back for these fish but that might be all.

Don’t need to see again: The First courses.
I tried the Sweet Corn Agnolotti, a dish that has undoubtedly blown me away the two other times I’ve had it. (Yes I’ve kept track) This version was too stiff, however. The peanuts and scallions seemed to attempt an Asian twist, but it felt lost among the other contradicting flavors. Altogether it tried to accomplish too much and, because of that, did nothing spectacular.  Also on our table sat the Fried Duck Confit Salad and Heirloom Tomatoes.  I enjoyed these more than the Agnolotti, but again, they are dishes I’ve had equally or better done at other places.

Sweet Corn Agnolotti; Asian-spiced ground pork, peanuts, charred eggplant, red bell peppers, scallions $12

Sweet Corn Agnolotti; Asian-spiced ground pork, peanuts, charred eggplant, red bell peppers, scallions $12

Loved: The Service
Everyone was friendly and more than happy to do their job. And everyone did everything as their job. Multiple smiling people cleared our plates and brought us our new ones. We had a great wine recommendation from another server who came over to check on our meal.


Somewhere in Between: The sides.

Parts of these were great but others were, not. The peaches on the corn fritters were fantastic, and the idea warrants points, but the fritters were almost like cornbread texture, neither soft nor warm. The tomatoes were good, but frying and drizzling anything in buttermilk dressing will make me like it.


(left) Fried green tomatoes, buttermilk drizzle $6 (right) Corn fritters, peach $8


118 Beacon Street
Somerville, MA

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    I went to Bergamot when it first opened and was underwhelmed by the experience, but since then people have been raving about the place! I have been debating on going back and your post if helpful for navigating the menu if I do venture back soom