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Boston Brunchers Around Towne

I cannot for the life of me decide what is more satisfying, brunch a la carte or a la buffet. Life and death considerations, I know. The issue has been on my mind since my recent date with the Boston Brunchers at Towne Stove and Spirits.


Towne’s brunch buffet certainly puts any other buffet to shame in terms of appearance.  When I walked into the dining room and saw the hot bar of 5 large dishes I eagerly began fantasizing about what to decorate my plate with.  But when I arose from the table with the group to take our food, the members made their way to a completely different part of the room. Unbeknownst to me when I arrived, there were four other stations of delicious things: a raw bar; cracker, cheese, and salad bar; and a bread and pastry station.  To be honest, our stomachs didn’t even allow a visit to that last one because we were so full.


The brunch is lavish, it’s hearty, and it’s expensive. At $38 a person, I’m still trying to figure out if it’s worth it.  You absolutely get your money’s worth in amount of food.  But the thing with buffets is, yes, you can eat to your heart’s content, and it’s exciting to walk into a room – literally a whole room in Towne’s case – full of different breakfast items that tempt their way onto your plate.  But the disadvantage is eating to your heart’s discontent and being overstuffed to an irreconcilable point. ‘Isara,’ call the berry pancakes as I’m reaching for the healthier eggs, ‘Don’t you want me too?’  You can’t say no to anything, and then you end up with Mt. Everest on your plate and only eat up to the first base camp. There’s no way you’ll finish it all.


Towne’s buffet is worth it in the case that I’m treated to brunch. Thanks to the lovely Boston Brunchers, I was for this outing. And I would bring back a parent or date who wanted to pay, but when with my friends or paying for myself, I would rather spend the big bucks on one single well-prepared dish of something I loved and picked out at that moment.


I do find it hard to actually judge the food I eat when I go out with the Boston Brunchers due to the overwhelming highs that accompany the sight of coffee, a glass of champagne, in this case a room full of buffet style brunch food for free. So I’m trying to give more practical advice. The food was pretty good, but any of it alone would not be worth the cost. So I conclude: it was worth the cost because of how much food we got, but not because of the quality. Does that make it worth it? You decide.


My favorite thing was the Hash and Eggs. The cheese selection was great and delicious as well, but cheese is easily found this way. The Eggs Benedict with Bacon was good, but got cold quickly when removed from its heating device. I tried and attempted to like an oyster but decided I should just give up on that, although I found the Lobster Cobb Salad very tasty. Lastly, the buffet included a dessert table, but I was TOO FULL TO EAT IT. Distress to a new degree.


Towne Stove & Spirits
900 Boylston St.
Back Bay

Towne Stove & Spirits on Urbanspoon

Towne on Foodio54

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