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Off I Go! … [& thank you]

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not in Kansas anymore. I landed in the Los Angeles airport a few hours ago and since then the friendliest humans in the world helped me through security, people are smiling at me for no apparent reason, and it’s 70 degrees before noon in December. And sadly/happily/whatever you please, I will not be back to Kansas (Boston) anytime soon. I’ve said my goodbyes to the snow, to my favorite views of downtown, to people I love and, of course, bid adieu to my favorite restaurants. (List of those to come!) I’m waiting for a flight to Hawaii, and from there I’m San Francisco-boud to begin a new chapter. Boston, you will always be my favorite, but it’s time for an adventure.


Things I’ll miss: My down jacket and Dunkin’ Donuts but not the circumstances for which I need them (aka negative degree weather)

As Alanis morissette says, “You grieve, you choke, you laugh, you choose, you pray, you ask, you live, you learn.” That’s what I’m off to do, and please follow along to see all the wonderful food I eat in the meantime. My blog will continue with new adventures in San Francisco and old favorites in Boston.

I’ll also take this opportunity, since it’s almost my blog’s 1st birthday, to accept an award that another blogger nominated me for called the Inspiring Blogger Award. Many, many thanks to Upasna, a food blogger all the way in New Delhi at for the nomination =)

In 11 months Alone With A Cupcake went from only being a mental state and innumerable pictures on my iPhone of everything I ever ate, to a blog that people halfway around the world read and appreciate. I’ve met amazing people through delicious brunches I attended with the Boston Brunchers and the various blog and food events in the city. I will miss you and thanks for the encouragement.

To accept this award I need to:

a) Drop Upasna’s page in my post
b) Post the award image
c) Share seven random facts about myself (I think I’ve shared enough!)
d) Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know about it:

1. Daily Love Affair Food by KQ. My roommate for the most influential year of college, KQ has one of the grandest, most loving and infectious personalities I’ve known. And since she started her DC restaurant blog, her life and hilarity can be a part of my every day.

2. StyleWire Fashion by Elissa. One of my first and most real blogger friends, she became so at a very important time: she approached a very overwhelmed me at the first blogger event I attended alone. Since then I’ve admired her professionalism, spunk, and, of course, shoes.

3. Confessions of a Chocoholic by Bianca. My discovery of Bianca’s blog was the last push of encouragement I needed before starting my own. She proved that a love of chocolate was enough to do so. I still remember seeing her in person for the first time at Rialto where I used to Hostess, and being just as starstruck as I would’ve been for any celebrity. She told me to ‘Just go for it,’ so I did.

4. Just Add Cheese. Food by Jacki. The PR Manager of Rialto and co-writer of this amazing blog, Jacki has been my idol in aspects of food and life since my second day working at Rialto. She’s got it figured out and I thank her for the invitations to events with the ‘big-league’ foodies.

other inspiration:
5. – Another blog I stalked before beginning my own, I was inspired by the sisters’ never ending effort. Now I’ll be split between the same two cities!

6. – A work of art and also someone who’s been at it forever and shows no end in sight.

7. – Another West-to-East-Coast blogger.

Bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at events in Boston:
8. – Lovely pictures.

9.‎ – Lovely writing.

10.‎ – Lovely advice.

11. – A food picture a day? Yes, Please.

12. – Many great brunches with you!

13. – Beautiful pictures and stories.

14. – Her enthusiasm is always encouraging.

15. – Many great brunches with you as well!


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  1. ISARA. what the HECK. I am humbled and honored to even be mentioned here. This means QUITE a lot, and I honestly am tearing up right now. I am so proud of you and so excited for you and to follow along your upcoming adventures AND to visit you and cammy in SF SO SOON.

  2. Thank you so much Isara for the nomination! That was so unexpected and such a great surprise. Best of luck in San Fransisco (I will actually be there next week – so if you find any good restaurants let me know :)

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