{SF} Blowfish: Sushi That Will Blow(fish) Your Mind


You know how, in special circumstances, you can sense love before it’s really there? You feel the excitement, how happy you’re going to be, how much better you’ll become with the other, and that you’ll never want to leave? These were my thoughts upon walking into Blowfish Sushi. And my thoughts after tasting its food were the following: holy crap, this is good.


Though an indoor space there’s no lack of life and color. Its floor length windows in the front light up the whole room that’s complete with live flowers and colorful paintings on the wall. It felt jungle-like, as if there was water somewhere nearby from which your dinner would be pulled. Blowfish is another spot in The Mission, a neighborhood that never ceases to amaze with all it hides behind its doors.

Now let me introduce you to the best appetizer I’ve ever had, which started the best meal I’ve ever had. Tell me what you think this is…


Pyramid of Tartare: Fresh tuna, salmon & avocado with a side of honey tartar & sweet garlic ginger soy sauce, served with house made potato chips, $13.95.

The answer is seriously amazing tuna tartare. It arrives at your table in pyramid form and the server quickly turns it into this less visually appealing but more delicious paste of flavor. Normally I wouldn’t pick tuna tartare from the menu but when it’s served with avocado, sweet ginger soy sauce, honey, and homemade potato chips, count me in… over and over again. Seriously, we came very close to ordering a second.


Alas, we resisted and proceeded to try a few of each the Maki and Sashimi. Blowfish models not only its appearance but also its carefully crafted food after modern Tokyo style. The Special Maki Rolls have so many components that create such a unique overall taste, they take the sushi experience to different level. You walk into Blowfish thinking you understand sushi. Then you take a bite of one of their intensely unique rolls and you’re taken to a whole new dimension of crunch, spice, and fresh-fishy goodness.


(left) Spicy Tuna Maki (right) Super Dynamite Maki: tempura style roll stuffed with yellowtail, albacore & salmon, scallions, spicy red pepper chili sauce, teriyaki & sesame seeds, $10.75.

First came the Spicy Tuna Maki and the Super Dynamite Maki. The rolls looked like their names, pretty cool huh? Doesn’t the roll on the right look like pretty super dynamite? Well, it was. It was also fresh, elaborate, and quite literally an explosion of everything you’ve ever known sushi to be and more right there in your mouth. I know I say everything I eat is the best I’ve ever had, but it’s true this time. (It’s always true).


Salmon Sushi $5.25 & Albacore Sushi $5.95.

The sashimi was fantastic too. Superbly fresh, it was a break for simplicity’s sake but no less satisfying.


Greedy Girl Maki: Fresh albacore, salmon, tuna, cucumber & red leaf lettuce with potato bits & yuzu tobiko, soy paper, ginger garlic honey tartar sauce, $13.75.

The Greedy Girl Maki was last delivered to our table. It was our final gift from the gods before we had to bid adieu to this amazing place. After each of us stuffed our mouths with a piece of the delicious item, we bet on which two of us four deserved the two remaining pieces. I lost, and I cried.

We all agreed that we would’ve liked to eat everything we had ordered all over again. The only thing stopping us was cost and time. One thing’s for certain – I will be back, recharged and ready for more.

Blowfish Sushi
2170 Bryant St.
The Mission
San Francisco, CA 94110

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