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Cookie Dough

I think I’ve discovered the reason I came to San Francisco. It was my destiny to move here and meet the friend who eventually lead me to this special cinnamon-infused place in Berkeley. Pat yourself on the back, friends, because you’re now aware of the greatest thing on this planet. Behold, the ultimate breakfast of champions. And, it’s vegan.

Blueberry, Pie Crumbs

Lemon Frosting, Blueberries, Pie Crumbs $5.75.

At Cinnaholic you can customize your own cinnamon roll. Every ingredient is one hundred percent vegan — thank you Berkeley — and the joint is family owned, so it’s a pleasant place to be. I know. It’s going to be okay. Let’s all take a moment to think about Cinnabon’s creations that you find in the mall or the airport or wherever. They’re insanely hard to stop eating, right? Like, in my case someone has to literally pull the fork out of my hand and tell me there is a tomorrow. But… it’s that smell. You know when you’re walking innocently by and you get a whiff of cinnamon-y goodness and you cry a little inside because the world is just too perfect to have you and this thing in it? Well, imagine being able to choose the flavor of icing on top of your bun, and the toppings to go with it. Imagine even having toppings like fruit and pie crumble on your cinnamon bun in the first place. Maybe this beast, post frozen yogurt and cupcakes, has arrived to be the next trendy sweet thing. Maybe it’s just ingenious and delicious and should be ingested as soon as possible.

Napa Trip-2961

Maple Frosting, Peaches, Brownie Chunks $5.75.

This one was my doing. I was told my pallet is ‘strange’… I beg to differ. Peaches and brownies? They absolutely go together, thanks. Okay fine, in retrospect I might have picked something more neutral instead of the brownie chunks – I kind of forgot they were going on top of a cinnamon bun. Regardless, it was all amazing. Another friend said the fruit flavored icing is the best. This next one belongs to him, and it’s pretty but where’s the chocolate?

Raspberry Syrup, Blackberries

Raspberry Frosting, Blackberries $5.25.

The bun with frosting is $4.75, and each topping is 50 cents. Pick from frosting flavors such as Banana, Butterscotch, Coffee, Mint, Mango and many, many more. Then the topping deliberations begin. From fresh fruit or baked goods to typical crumbled toppings like coconut or chocolate sauce, the choice is yours. And if you become overwhelmed with joy, freeze on the spot (like I did) and happen to end up with a concoction like mine, it’s not the end of the world.

Cookie Dough

Caramel Frosting, Cookie Dough $5.25.

Even though Cinnaholic is a 40 minute Bart ride away, I’m still not safe. I’m already plotting my next escape across the bay. So next time I’m nowhere to be found, I’ll most likely be in cinnamon bun Heaven, deciding between brownie chunks and cookie dough, and later wishing I stuck with the fruit.

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2123 Oxford St.
Berkeley, CA 94704



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